La situation du paludisme dans le monde

Bacterial and Parasitic Infections

* Diphtheria: it is due to the lysogénée bacteria strain that produces exotoxin.

C. The diphtheria that do not produce exotoxin may be responsible for angina false membranes, but also septicemia (and secondary locations: endocarditis) but do not induce the disease diphtheria.

Diphtheria is a little immunizing disease which justifies vaccination for convalescent patients.

* Malaria: the man has no natural immunity vis-à-vis malaria.

Under repeated reinfection, it may develop a pre-immunization immunity (labile if the subject does not live in malarious area).

The malaria situation in the world
The malaria situation in the world

It decreases the frequency and severity of access.

It begins around the age of 4 years (infants> 6 months and children <4 years are very vulnerable).

The blood smear is a species diagnosis (qualitative); thick films (slow = 24) is a quantitative diagnosis, more sensitive but less effective for species diagnosis => The 2 exams are inseparable.

Serodiagnosis is only reliable for P. falciparum; retrospective interest and is a screening test for blood donors.

NFS: moderate leuco neutropenia, anemia, thrombocytopenia almost constant.

The body rose and old schizonts are not found in P. falciparum (the blood smear) as they are located only in visceral capillaries.

* Septicemia BGN 2 signs suggestive (diarrhea and hyperventilation).

Ecthyma gangrenous Ehlers is due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

* Staphylococcus aureus septicemia: the vesicular-pustular purpura is pathognomonic.

For infringement meningeal using fosfomycin (penicillin M, do not pass the brain barrier).

* Meningococcal: serotype A is responsible for epidemics (Africa).

Serotypes B and C give sporadic cases (C may be responsible for epidemics).

Serogroups A and C are more immunogenic.

Serogroup B vaccine has not and will not be detected by latex technique (Ag soluble).

Scarlet fever
Scarlet fever

* Scarlet fever: In scarlet fever there is a neutrophilia with a discreet eosinophilia

Treatment must be taken for 6 weeks.

The combination is indicated for sepsis in BGN, Staph, and then I do not know.

Thrombophlébitique the sepsis is characterized by fever sawtooth.


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