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Acute abdominal pain of the child

Acute abdominal pathology in children is a common cause of admission to emergencies. Interrogation (of the child and his entourage) and a complete clinical examination...
Psychothérapies précoces parents-bébé

Early Parent-Child Psychotherapy

Introduction: Over the past three decades, the development of early childhood psychiatry and the many studies of early mother-baby relationships have led to the development...
Maltraitance et sévices à enfant

Maltreatment child

Introduction: Historically, the concept of child maltreatment only appeared late in the literature: whereas in Greco-Roman Antiquity the father had the right of life and...
Anoréxie mentale de l'enfant prépubère

Anorexia nervosa of prepubertal child

Introduction: Anorexia nervosa is considered a psychiatric pathology; However, its somatic complications are multiple, and among these some may be fatal. For decades, the classical form...
Classifications en psychiatrie de l’enfant

Classifications in Child Psychiatry

Introduction: The issue of classification is as old as psychiatry itself. As in other fields, knowledge of approach of the first psychiatrists has indeed started...


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Anticorps antispermatozoïdes

Anti-Sperm Antibodies

CRP (protéine C-réactive)

CRP (C-reactive protein)