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Depression: misleading or masked forms

A depressive state in which somatic phenomena dominate, in such a way as to completely camouflage the depressive background. Called also latent depression, occult depression...


The overall prevalence for depressive disorders is estimated at about 10% of the general population with an annual incidence of 3% in men and...
Dépressions à l’adolescence

Depression in adolescence

Introduction: After considering depression as a normal state of adolescence, the majority of clinicians distinguish moderate and transient depressive feelings from the normal development of...
Dépression chez l'enfant

Depression in children

INTRODUCTION: The status of "depression in children" is, to say the least, curious. On the one hand, this question has been placed at the center...
Dépression chez le nourrisson

Depression in infants

DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSIS General information: We must first of all recall metapsychological evidence that the more young the baby is, the less it is differentiated, both intrapsychically...
Tristesse à dépression

Sadness to Depression

THYMIE: Defined by Jean Delay, the thymie appears as a "variable" participating in psychic functioning of any individual, regardless of his personality, even if it...

Facilitated soda it would increase the risk of depression ?

According to a new US study, excessive consumption of low-fat soft drinks is associated with an increased risk of depression. However, the study does...




Évolution spondylarthrite ankylosante

Ankylosing Spondylitis