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  • Traumatic brain injury

    Traumatic brain injury

    1- Epidural hematoma: – Fresh Blood Collection (organized fresh clot) between the vault of the skull and the dura is lifted and pushed. This is an extreme emergency treatment. – The origin of the bleeding is usually a tear of the middle meningeal artery next to a fracture line, or more rarely a tear duremérien…

  • Intracranial hypertension

    Intracranial hypertension

    – In a person at rest and supine intracranial pressure is normally 10 mmHg (10 cm H2O). It is equal to the hydrostatic pressure of the CSF. – Intracranial pressure (intracranial hypertension) is defined by numbers greater than 15 mmHg. – Cerebral edema of various types: vasogenic (by increasing capillary permeability); cytotoxic (ballooning injury and…