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HIV viral load

Indications: This examination is an aid to prognosis and especially the monitoring of anti-HIV therapy. Principle: The virus is either within the cell or in the plasma...
Fièvres hémorragiques virales

Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers

- Are grouped under this term a dozen disease etiologies and different transmission mode with common clinical signs. - Dengue haemorrhagic fever is a viral...


Acute inflammation of the conjunctiva caused by a bacterial or viral infection, allergy, irritation. Endemic or epidemic, it is sometimes associated with measles or...
Hépatites A, B et C

Viral hepatitis

1- SOME DEFINITIONS: * Hepatitis fulminant: is defined by a prothrombin time (PT) <50% with clinical signs of hepatic encephalopathy. If the time between jaundice and...
Diarrhée aiguë

Acute diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common symptom, usually indicative of a mild illness and often the cause of self-medication. Statistically, there are a case of acute diarrhea...

Viral hepatitis

- Several liver are grouped under the name of viral hepatitis: This is hepatitis A, B, C, Δ (delta) and E. - The different hepatitis...