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Retards mentaux d’origine génétique

Mental retardation of genetic origin

Introduction: Mental retardation (RM) is defined by the existence, before the age of 18, of "intellectual functioning significantly below the average associated with limitations of...
Déficience mentale pédiatrique

Pediatric mental disability

Introduction: Cognitive impairment is one of the most common childhood health problems. Most epidemiological studies in developed countries agree to estimate their frequency at 0.7 to...
Déficience mentale

Mental impairment

Introduction: Every culture is defined by its behavior towards those who are often minority, who by their difference, innate or acquired, can not be or...

Potential treatment of anorexia nervosa

According to a study published in late 2012, anorexia nervosa and physical hyperactivity are linked by a common molecular mechanism. This discovery could help...