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Arrêt cardio-respiratoire

Heart failure

CLINICAL SIGNS: * the patient is in a state of apparent death : - loss of consciousness, brutal and complete. - the patient does not breathe or gasp. - absence of...
Monitoring a Patient with a Simple Pacemaker or Defibrillator

Monitoring a Patient with a Simple Pacemaker or Defibrillator

Warning: • highly specialized monitoring: ECG standard is necessary but not enough; mandatory biannual visit to the "rhythm specialist-Stimuliste". • The pacemaker dysfunction is mentioned so...
Insuffisance cardiaque

Heart Failure

Warning: • Do not ignore the diagnosis before a little debilitating or wheezing dyspnea. • Diagnosis is echocardiographic and biological (determination of NT-proBNP) ++. • Treatment is...
Douleurs abdominales aiguës

Acute abdominal pain

Acute abdominal pain in adults is one of the main reasons for emergency consultation, both among general in hospital emergencies. Acute abdominal pain in adults...
Insuffisance cardiaque de l’adulte

Heart failure in adults

Heart failure is defined as the inability of the heart muscle to ensure normal haemodynamic function. The left heart failure (often secondary to coronary artery...

Heart Murmur

A number of doctors believe that cardiac auscultation is obsolete and should be replaced by echocardiography. We even met a few cardiologists who have...