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Syndrome néphrotique à lésions glomérulaires minimes acquis

Nephrotic syndrome with minimal acquired glomerular lesions

Introduction: The nephrotic syndrome with minimal glomerular lesions (SN-LGM) is characterized clinically by a nephrotic syndrome pure and histologically by minimal ultrastructural abnormalities consisting of...
Lésions élémentaires des glomérules

Elemental lesions of glomeruli

Introduction: The classification of glomerular nephropathies is currently based on the histological analysis of the cortical renal parenchyma obtained by transparietal renal biopsy or more...
Lésions périphériques

Peripheral lesions

A RELATED ASSOCIATION OF THE MEDICAL COLLATERAL LIGAMENT: It is common (24%). Synonym: Tibial collateral ligament tear . Definition: It is the distension or the rupture of the two beams (superficial...
Lésions musculo-aponévrotiques et tendineuses

Musculo-aponeurotic and tendon lesions

Introduction: The diagnosis of musculo-aponeurotic or tendon lesion is primarily clinical. It is either an acute artery suspecting a myo-aponeurotic or myotendinous lesion or pure tendinous...
Lésions méniscales

Meniscal lesions

Rupture: The medial meniscus is the most affected (23%) and 12% lateral meniscal lesions. It is a stereotyped traumatic lesion that starts from the meniscal periphery and cracks its...
Lésions ligamentaires intracarpiennes

Intracarpian ligament lesions

Introduction: Eliminating a fracture is not enough to remove any doubt of seriousness after a trauma of the wrist often undermined by the practice of...
Lésions chroniques de l'appareil locomoteur chez le sportif

Chronic lesions of the musculoskeletal system in the athlete

Introduction: The enthusiasm for physical activity over the past 20 years has resulted in a steady increase in the number of practitioners and the diversification...


Arc cornéen

Corneal Arcus

Viral hepatitis

Granulome Tuberculoïde

Tuberculoid Granuloma