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  • Myalgia and cramps

    Myalgia and cramps

    The occurrence of muscle pain (myalgia) directed immediately to a muscle disease, or exclusive (myopathy) or as part of multiple pathologies (systemic disease or non-organic pathology). Muscle tissue does not have nociceptors. muscle pain mechanisms are not fully known to date, especially as most genetic chronic myopathies have little or no pain. Inflammation spreading the…

  • Congenital Myopathy

    Congenital Myopathy

    1- myotonias: A- Steinert disease: – Synonym: Myotonic dystrophy – If transmitted in an autosomal dominant fashion. – The molecular abnormality in question is located in the gene encoding the protein kinase myotonine (DMPK) on ch.19 by abnormal amplification of a trinuclotidique sequence. – Atrophy predominant in the cephalic end responsible for a particular facies…