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Vaccination de l'adulte

Vaccination of Adults

The aim of this chapter is to provide the clinician with information to better understand the principles of vaccination and of solving various practical...


Rabies is a viral infection of domestic and wild mammals, transmitted to humans by the saliva of infected animals on the occasion of bites,...


Tetanus is a severe infection caused by Clostridium tetani bacterium found in soil and human and animal waste. The infection is not contagious. C....


* Toxic infection due to Bacillus Nicolaier (Clostridium tetani) which secretes a neurotoxin (tetanospasmin). Gram + anaerobic bacillus; copro-telluric germ. * Non immunizing Disease -> vaccination...

Novartis Bexsero vaccine approved by the European Commission

On Tuesday, the pharmaceutical group Novartis announced that its Bexsero vaccine indicated for the prevention of meningitis B had just obtained the approval of...

Viral hepatitis

- Several liver are grouped under the name of viral hepatitis: This is hepatitis A, B, C, Δ (delta) and E. - The different hepatitis...