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* Infection Strep ß-hemolytic group A mainly reaching the dermis and hypodermis (cellulitis); rare in children;especially adults> 40 years

* The onset is sudden with fever ++ (39 ° C) -> edematous erythematous plaque painful on palpation and well circumscribed. The bead is rare on the leg. In some cases superficial bullae.

* The presence of regional lymph nodes is common inflammatory, association with a trail of lymphangitis inconsistent.

* Front Door (60% of cases): intertrigo; traumatic wound; leg ulcers

* Can be manifested by a petechial or ecchymotic closet; secondary pustules and rare.

* Face (5-10%): the inflammatory closet is usually unilateral and very edematous with marked peripheral bead.

* Subacute forms: the fever is mild or absent

* Recurrence is the most common complication

* Note: Diabetes is not a risk factor; by against obesity is a risk factor

Bullous erysipelas
Bullous erysipelas

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