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Any pain in the ear is an earache. It may correspond to an ear infection, or being the dominant location or not of pain...

ECG heart rhythm disorders

1- Premature atrial: - The premature born prematurely, the P wave is different morphology of the wave normal P; - The following QRS complex is fine,...

Red ear

The formation of a red ear can be a reason for consultation very ordinary or instead be a key diagnostic feature in some systemic...

Oblique fold of the ear

The statues of the Emperor Hadrian, heart failure death (dropsy as old manuscripts), represent the ear lobe crossed by an oblique notch, and it...


Biopsie hépatique

Liver Biopsy

Antigène CA 19.9

Antigen CA 19.9

Herpes génital

Genital Herpes

Intrauterine Death