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  • Rage


    Rabies is a viral infection of domestic and wild mammals, transmitted to humans by the saliva of infected animals on the occasion of bites, scratches, licks on injured / a mucosal skin. Any mammal can carry rabies but human cases are due, mostly, to dog bites. Once declared, rabies is fatal encephalitis. There is no…

  • Diphtheria


    Disease due to local proliferation, generally ENT, the diphtheria bacillus (Corynebacterium diphtheriae) and spread of diphtheria toxin in the body. The transmission is direct contact with infected people. Clinical signs: – Incubation: 2 to 5 days – Loco-regional: • febrile pseudomembranous angina (false grayish resistant membranes and often highly adherent), sometimes accompanied by serious signs:…

  • Animal bites

    Animal bites

    The animal bites are common and are due to a cat or dog in 90% of cases. Microorganisms are varied (Table I): – Bacteria from the oral cavity of the animal, or telluric (tetanus); – Rabies. Infection is plurimicrobienne in more than half of the cases. The scratching by an animal possibly leads to contamination…