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Anémie de l’insuffisance rénale chronique

Anemia of chronic renal failure

Introduction: The IRC publications on anemia are extremely numerous and American, European and more recently French recommendations, under the aegis of the French Agency for...


- Anemia is defined by a decrease in hemoglobin. This is a very common symptom in tropical areas where 10-20% of the population has...

Thalassemia, sickle cell disease

Genetic disorders of hemoglobin are classified into two main categories: thalassemia and hemoglobinopathies whose most common form is sickle cell anemia. Structure and organization of...


Complete blood counts done systematically or before a clinical picture suggestive of anemia stated on a hemoglobin level below 13 g / dL in...


DIAGNOSIS: Criteria: Anemia is defined based only on the hemoglobin. In his absence, hematocrit could replace but hemoglobin is the best criterion. There anemia if hemoglobin is: -...

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Etiology: The search for a cause of iron deficiency is based on a careful history and thorough physical examination (including a rectal and pelvic exam)....

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

Etiology: The incidence of autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) is about 1/80 000, the frequency increases beyond 40-50 years. Cases of paroxysmal hemoglobinuria frigore are distinguished...

Macrocytic Anemia in adults

Pathophysiology: A- cellular actions of the vitamin B12 and folic acid: The megaloblaste is an erythroblast (Ebl) Abnormal present in the marrow of patients with vitamin...

Intrinsic factor antibodies

Gastric intrinsic factor is a secreted glycoprotein, such as hydrochloric acid, by the fundic cells of the stomach. In combination with vitamin B12 from food,...


Algies faciale

Facial algia

Antigène CA 19.9

Antigen CA 19.9

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