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Arrêt cardio-respiratoire

Heart failure

CLINICAL SIGNS: * the patient is in a state of apparent death : - loss of consciousness, brutal and complete. - the patient does not breathe or gasp. - absence of...
Anémie de l’insuffisance rénale chronique

Anemia of chronic renal failure

Introduction: The IRC publications on anemia are extremely numerous and American, European and more recently French recommendations, under the aegis of the French Agency for...
Complications de l'insuffisance rénale chronique

Complications of chronic renal failure

Spinal hypoplasia: Anemia is constant during chronic renal failure (CRF), with the exception of polycystic disease. It worsens along with the decrease in glomerular filtration. The main...
Conséquences cardiovasculaires de l'insuffisance rénale chronique

Cardiovascular consequences of chronic renal failure

INTRODUCTION: Cardiovascular disease is responsible for more than 50% of deaths in patients with renal failure treated with chronic hemodialysis. Heart complications alone account for 40%...
Insuffisance rénale aiguë en transplantation rénale

Acute renal failure in renal transplantation

Introduction : Acute renal failure (ARI) in the renal transplant patient is an acute decrease in glomerular filtration rate (GFR). The IRA in the transplant recipient...
Insuffisance rénale aiguë et grossesse

Acute renal failure and pregnancy

Epidemiology: The frequency of acute renal failure (ARI) in pregnancy is very different in developed and developing countries. Prevalence and prognosis data can not be interpreted...
Techniques de suppléance de l'insuffisance rénale terminale

Alternative techniques for end-stage renal failure

INTRODUCTION: In France, the annual incidence of end-stage renal failure is 6 children / 1 million children under 15, ie 1.2 pediatric patients / 1...
Insuffisance rénale aiguë au cours de l’infection par le VIH

Acute renal failure during HIV infection

Generalities: Acute renal failure (ARF) is a common complication in HIV-positive patients for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).It occurs on average 4.5 years after the...
Diagnostic clinique et biologique de l’insuffisance rénale aiguë

Clinical and biological diagnosis of acute renal failure

Introduction: Acute renal failure (ARI) is defined in general terms as a sudden decrease in renal function, sufficient to lead to nitrogen waste retention and...
Insuffisance rénale aiguë

Acute Renal Failure

Acute renal failure is defined by a rapid decrease (hours to 1-2 weeks) of renal function, constituting an electrolyte imbalance and acid-base brutal. classically There...






Antigène CA 19.9

Antigen CA 19.9