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  • Manic Depressive Disorders in Adolescence

    Manic Depressive Disorders in Adolescence

    Introduction: In adolescence, manic-depressive disorders are of major interest. It is indeed a psychiatric disorder: • the genetic basis of which is well documented; • manifesting from puberty, in often “atypical” forms, then more and more “classical”; • particularly difficult to recognize in adolescence, on the one hand from a polymorphous and protean clinic, and on…

  • Manic Depressive Illness

    Manic Depressive Illness

    1- maniac Access: * Excitation state of mental and motor functions * Insomnia is the earliest symptom * Presentation: slovenly, extravagant, hypermimie, mannerism, playfulness, grimaces, anger, disgust, passion; wishes of perfect symmetry. * Contact is hypersyntone familiar * Cognitive Impairment: hypoprosexie (dispersion of attention); tachypsychia and verbal diarrhea (passage of one subject to another); verbal…